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The number of entrepreneurs around the globe continues to rise due to the increased number of entrepreneurial opportunities, thus resulting in the boost of the world’s economy at large. In the process of business creation and growth, there is a range of risks involved, hence the reason why the entrepreneurs have to identify and manage all the risks for a successful creation and growth of businesses. Venturing into a new form of business might not be a very easy thing at first considering the many complex legal procedures that you are required to follow, hence the reason why you need to seek help from a professional lawyer practicing corporate law. It is because of this that there has been a significant rise in the number of very professional corporate attorneys like Eitan Neishlos who are dedicated to helping entrepreneurs and investors easily start their business journeys. One of the achievement of this professional is founding the Resonance group of companies which have continues to grow on a daily basis and gain popularity globally. One of the most important roles of entrepreneurship in the growth of the economy is providing new job opportunities to help boost the living standards of individuals by fighting poverty, and this can be well seen in the case of Eitan Neishlos’s Resonance Australia which has helped provide jobs all over Australia.

Just like any other professional entrepreneur, there are several unique characteristics of entrepreneurship that Eiton Neishlos has which have enabled him easily manage the Resonance Australia routine operations. As said above, entrepreneurship is all about invention and innovation to improve the quality of the products and services rendered to the customers, and in regard to this article, Eitan Neishlos has proved that he is a creative and innovation expert through the adoption of modern technologies in his enterprises. All the success that Eitan Neishlos has achieved has been as a result of the need for achievement which is one of the key needs in entrepreneurship and this involve the desire for one to get good results from his or her hard work which can be seen in Eitan Neishlos’s work. The other very crucial entrepreneurial characteristic that Eitan Neishlos has portrayed is the ability to motivate himself and get what he wants. Eitan Neishlos has, however, worked in a number of multinational companies where his effort has brought so many positive changes both in the top management and the lower levels of management in the companies. In Eitan’s career life, he has managed to work in a number of tech based entrepreneurial firms which have greatly promoted his or her creativity and innovation levels. Having graduated with degree in Corporate law from the University of Johannesburg and having worked for more than ten years, Eitan Neishlos has become one of the most demanded corporate attorneys by many entrepreneurships when venturing in their new enterprises or when in need of legal representation in the court of law.

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